Baseus Folding Bracket Antiskid Pad (Black)

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Multifunctional Gel Bracket


The silicone gel grip is very useful in the daily functioning. Thanks to its special adhesive surface it adheres to almost any surface and we can attach almost any tiny object to it. It is also important that it is reusable, i.e. after being dirty just wash it with clean water and its adhesive properties will be restored. The foldable construction further increases the possibilities of its application. The object can be used as a telephone stand, for example. Gel pad is also resistant to high temperatures, which increases the possibility of its use (e.g. in summer in a car). After peeling off the surface, it does not leave a trace on it.


MEZAMO.SK - Baseus Folding Bracket Antiskid Pad (Black)





Producent Baseus
Model Folding Bracket Antiskid Pad
Product code SUWNT-01
Material PU
Color Black
Dimensions 205 x 122 mm


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