Blitzwolf BW-FD1 hand washing machine (white)


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Take care of hygiene – touchless soap dispenser


Waterproof foam soap dispenser with a large volume. Infrared technology enables the activation of the dispenser in just 0.25 s after the detection of hands. The sensor registers movement from 4-7 cm distance.

 MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-FD1 hand washing machine (white)



A thoughtful design


IPX4 water resistance ensures safe use of the dispenser in the bathroom or kitchen. Low power consumption ensures long operation time (the dispenser operates on AA batteries). Innovative method of fluid saving causes that it transforms into foam, soap consumption is reduced by 50%. The large capacity allows for rare refills.

 MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-FD1 hand washing machine (white)



Aesthetic and practical


The hand disinfection bottle is made of high-quality matt, transparent material that allows you to see the current liquid content. A small LED indicates whether the device is switched on. Its small size makes the dispenser perfect for any bathroom or kitchen.

 MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-FD1 hand washing machine (white)




Rated current0,22 A
Rated voltage4,5 V
Sensing range4 – 7 cm
Dimensions88 x 88 x 198 mm
Weight243 g
PurposeBathroom dispenser, kitchen dispenser

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