Blitzwolf BW-TC20 Magnetic USB-C Connector


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Blitzwolf Magnetic Adapter


Durable and robust Blitzwolf magnetic adapter for quick charging and data transfer. The magnetic plug means you don’t have to take it out every time. This solution significantly reduces socket wear and is very convenient because you can connect your phone to the power supply with one hand.

 MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-TC20 Magnetic USB-C Connector




Fast data transmission


The extremely fast 480Mbps data transmission allows for quick file exchange whenever you need it, even in a hurry. When you connect your phone to your computer, data transfer and charging occur simultaneously.


MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-TC20 Magnetic USB-C Connector




Quick charging


The TC20 cable supports most quick charge protocols with an output current up to 3 A. This way you can charge your phone to the full in an incredibly short time.

 MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-TC20 Magnetic USB-C Connector




LED lamp


At the end of the cable, there is an LED lamp which indicates that the device is charging correctly. This makes it easy to find your smartphone in the dark.

 MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-TC20 Magnetic USB-C Connector




Durable and robust


The cable is made of high-quality materials. The gold-plated plug is resistant to corrosion, and the nylon braid gives the cable incredible durability and makes the cable untangled. A special system has also been installed in the device to ensure stable and safe charging.

 MEZAMO.SK - Blitzwolf BW-TC20 Magnetic USB-C Connector





NameBlitzwolf BW-TC20 Magnetic USB-C Connector
Adapter typeUSB Type C
Output currentto 3 A
Output voltage3.6 – 12 V
Data transmission480Mbps

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