Dux Ducis PU leather key ring keychain case for Apple AirTag blue

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Dux Ducis PU leather key ring keychain case for Apple AirTag

The faux leather key ring is a great complement to your AirTag. The stainless steel carabiner allows you to conveniently attach the tracker to many things. You can hang it on your backpack, purse, attach it to your keys, and even your dog’s or cat’s collar. With this key ring, the AirTag will always be in its place. In addition, the pendant is designed so that the tag’s housing is visible all the time, and at the same time protected against scratching thanks to raised edges.

The most important features

  • It allows the locator to be hung anywhere
  • Protects the casing from scratching
  • It has an open design
  • Convenient, steel carabiner
  • Made of ecological leather

Contents of the package

  • 1 x AirTaga case

Easy assembly and functional strap

You can easily put the AirTaga in the case. It is opened and closed with a clip and holds the tracker very well. Hang the carabiner on any object you want to locate.

Raised edges prevent scratching

The edges of the key ring protrude above the AirTag surface. This protects its casing from being scratched from everyday use.

Open housing

The locator is held securely by its edges. Its front and back are exposed, which allows you to show its elegant appearance and individual engraving.

Strong pendant

The metal ring, in other words the carabiner, is made of steel and stays securely in place. Clip it wherever you want and stop worrying about lost items.

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