Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W

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Humidifier for special tasks

The modern Deerma F327W air humidifier with sterilization function is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers. Its stylish design combined with functionality works in any situation.


MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W



UV light power

The modern solution of water sterilization with a UV lamp will work in every house, especially among people with allergies. A special 360° system allows for thorough purification of the water in the tank, which results in unimaginably fresh and clean steam. The effectiveness of this method is 99% of annihilated bacteria and other microorganisms. The whole process takes place inside the device and is invisible, which makes it completely safe for the eyes.



MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W


Long term operation

A powerful water tank with a capacity of 5 L gives the possibility to work for up to 14 hours without refilling. This solution allows maintaining constant air humidity both during the day and night.

MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W



Modern design

The humidifier has been designed in a technology that limits the connection to avoid leakage or mechanical damage. Additionally, the stylish, oval shape of the transparent tank combined with the black base will fit into any space. Deerma D327W can also become more personal by adding decorations to the water tank. Equipped with a modern display showing the current level of humidity.

                                                                                                   MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W


Carbon filtration

Using a carbon filter with 3D hole technology, the highest level of cleanliness was achieved. The filtration traps any dust, hair or other particles that may cause water contamination in the tank.

MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W

Three levels of power

The device is equipped with three levels of steam ejection. The first one is used for long-term but slow humidification. The second one can be used for keeping the humidity constant, but on a larger scale. The third level gives a large and extensive steam ejection, which is useful for quick humidification. Depending on the condition of the air and the selected operating time, the device will select the appropriate mode itself, giving 45% to 90% air humidity.

MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W



Moisturizing mist

A special system of breaking up water molecules causes a fine mist to come out of the device, without large drops of water. These micro particles not only moisturize the air, but also penetrate into the skin, leaving it smooth and tight.

MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W


For use at night

Quiet operation mode 20-40 dB0, operating time settings, display blanking and the possibility to turn the blue light on or off give ideal conditions to use the humidifier also at night.

MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W



Working time settings

The ability to set the working time gives comfort in use. The device can work for 2,4,8 or 10 hours without a break, depending on the needs. It is also possible to run the humidifier without a specific time interval, however, a special protection will turn off the device after 12h to avoid operation without water in the tank.


MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W



You can add your favorite fragrance oils to the device to fill the room with aroma in addition to humidifying. In this way you can carry out aromatherapy, which has a positive impact on your well-being.


MEZAMO.SK - Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F327W





Brand Deerma
Model F327W
Rated voltage 220-240V~50/60Hz
Rated power 28W
Dimensions 220 x 220 x 285 mm
Water container capacity 5l



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